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Instability network login with shares.

on Wed 7 Dec 2016 - 0:51

Having some issues with the Windows 10 rs1 network. As I understand Microsoft made some internal changes with TH2 and RS1 and could cause some connection problems with other devices. The problems are the following...

- Can not login with media player using Samba protocol. Logon fail.
Worked with TH2 build.
- Can not login with Debian. Does not ask for username and password.
This worked with TH2 build.
- Network discovery fails sometimes. Can ping ip and access with shares with ip.

As I am aware I did not remove anything network related. Kept all services like computer browser and components like SNMP and so on.

Also tested without antivirus and firewall and no difference.

I would like to have a very simple network config that is reliable with all hardware. Can anyone help me what to not remove or remove extra?


Re: Instability network login with shares.

on Wed 7 Dec 2016 - 1:46
did you remove any of the SMB components ? there are 1 or 2 at features and 2 at Remove -> network

Re: Instability network login with shares.

on Wed 7 Dec 2016 - 2:10

Just checked the services that are running in windows 10. Seems that all is fine. Solved the media player by flashing some different firmwares. Went back to an earlier one that seems to be more stable with Windows 10. Hopefully the problems are gone now.

Only Debian is not working as it should. That is probably some compatability issue with Debian and with Windows 10. With Windows 7 it worked better. Have no idea how to solve anything with Debian. It probably works better with Ubuntu or something simular. Ah, well. Using Debian because it works a lot better with my older hardware. Debian can login on my media player and so on. I believe it has to do with the Samba versions the systems are using. Just guessing about that.

So in the end the problem did not lie with Windows 10. Sorry about that. Thanks for your time.
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Re: Instability network login with shares.

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