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Building the folder $OEM$ - Silent install

on Fri 2 Feb 2018 - 0:56
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Run the script:
The script creates the% OEM% and App_install folder. Put all your installers in the X: \ app_install folder, where "X: \" represents the drive with your preference.
The script will construct at the end the script "setupcomplete.cmd" and send it to the corresponding folder: X: \ $ oem $ \ $$ \ setup \ scripts the same to the X: \ App_install folder the script will send the installers to the corresponding folder also: X: \ $ oem $ \ $ 1 \ setup \ files.
After completing the process, the $ OEM $ folder will be ready and copy with Winreducer or drag it into the X: \ Dvd \ sources folder; folder where the offline system is located.
Save the script with the name of your choice.
Script limits: Only works with the * .exe extension.
The folder is added to the root: C: \ Setup \ Files and at the end is deleted. Good luck...
Save the script as your preferred name. Example: Create_oem_install.cmd
@echo off
title integrating oem folder
set app_install="%~dp0app_install"
set fldr_oem_setup="%~dp0$oem$\$1\setup\files"
set fldr_oem_script="%~dp0$oem$\$$\setup\scripts"
set oem="%~dp0$oem$"
set app="%~dp0oem_w7\$oem$\$1\setup\files"
set sctp_cplt="%~dp0dvd\sources\$oem$\$$\setup\scripts"
set clear="%systemdrive%\setup\files"
echo bulding folder "$oem$"
rd /s /q %oem%
md %fldr_oem_setup%
md %fldr_oem_script%
md %app_install%
xcopy /e /i /h /r /k /y /j %app_install% %fldr_oem_setup%
del /s /q %~dp0setupcomplete.cmd
echo @echo off >>%~dp0setupcomplete.cmd
echo title installing applications >>setupcomplete.cmd
echo echo please wait...>>%~dp0setupcomplete.cmd
cd %app_install%
@echo on
for %%i in (*.exe) do echo "%systemdrive%\setup\files\%%i" >>%~dp0setupcomplete.cmd
@echo off
echo rd /s /q %clear% >>%~dp0setupcomplete.cmd
echo exit >>%~dp0setupcomplete.cmd
move /y %~dp0setupcomplete.cmd %fldr_oem_script%


Re: Building the folder $OEM$ - Silent install

on Fri 2 Feb 2018 - 18:54
Message reputation : 100% (1 vote)
very nice script. thank you
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