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Hen Ry

System Font Size Changer

on Wed 12 Apr 2017 - 20:09

... wrote:Advantages of System Font Size Changer:

  1. Enables the setting of system font sizes in the Windows 10 Creators Update operating system
  2. Creates backup when first started
  3. Six system font sizes can be set (Title bar, Menu, Message box, Palette title, Icon, Tooltip)
  4. Settings can be exported
  5. Doesn’t require installation
  6. Black and white theme
  7. Free to use
  8. It supports Windows 7/8/10 operating systems

Hen Ry

Re: Windows10 - 24 Tools

on Tue 18 Apr 2017 - 16:21

CreativiTea schrieb: wrote:does it allow to do something more than DISM++??

I have not compared that yet.
Hen Ry

Tabs in File Explorer with Clover

on Tue 18 Apr 2017 - 16:29

until it is ready -> Clover v3.3.4 Brings Tabs to your Windows Explorer


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