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Another bug having to do with still yet another Security issue..................

on Fri 8 Jan 2016 - 18:58
And I do apologize for not continuing this last night but fell asleep right in the middle of my post about Windows Activation being broken.  haha   I think I may have written about this issue with WinReducer81 as well because both of them have this same issue.  Something and I haven't figured out what that is but who knows, maybe it's Windows Store again that is also BREAKING User Accounts, and I will test for that.  The issue in both WinReducer81 and WinReducer 100 is that you can delete people from your computer all day.  But you can not add anyone either.  I am sure most people are like me and don't really care about that.  And that's another good band-aid   lol   However, there are those on here that are using this for their company and that would not be a very nice bug in the software.


As time has gone by I now realize it doesn't take much to break User Accounts and another one is Credential Manager. 

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