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[ANSWERED] windows 10 Home/Full usb flash drive

on Mon 7 Mar 2016 - 18:51
I bought the usb flash drive version of windows 10.

Can I use winreducer somehow?

I could not find help on it (searched internet and this forum).  I am really surprised I did not find anything.

Re: [ANSWERED] windows 10 Home/Full usb flash drive

on Mon 7 Mar 2016 - 20:30

its the first time i heard of it so i needed to google it Wink

if you look at your flash drive does it look like a normal extracted iso? at the root folder -> boot, sources folder etc ? and at the sources folder is there an install.WIM or install.ESD ?

if it looks like a normal iso it should be possible to use it via winreducer. since there is no option to extract from USB you will need to copy the files from your USB drive to your hdd (i.e. to WinReducerEX100\WORK\EXTRACT\ExtractedByWinReducer)

after that you can just select the folder at winreducer.

if you got an install.esd you will need to convert it via the wim converter to an install.wim (you can find the converter also on the main page of winreducer)

Re: [ANSWERED] windows 10 Home/Full usb flash drive

on Mon 7 Mar 2016 - 20:34

I think you need to consider the usb content (the one your purchased) as a DVD-Rom in order to preserve the original content of your usb key.

So you need to Copy/Paste the entire content of the usb key in a dedicated folder in your HDD/SDD. And you will be able to use this folder with WinReducer. And like an ISO, you will need to reproduce this manipulation each time you want to create a new customized session with WinReducer.

But in order to avoid these manipulations each time, you may try to create an ISO of your windows purchased usb using WinReducer ISO Creator integrated tool. Like this your windows purchased usb content will be preserved ... and the ISO you created, from it, will be easily extracted using WinReducer.

You need to do this like because otherwise WinReducer will replace (or delete) the files in your usb key.

Re: [ANSWERED] windows 10 Home/Full usb flash drive

on Mon 7 Mar 2016 - 20:57
It does look like a regular ISO.  Has "boot" and "efi" and "x64" and "x86".
I bought it from  And I wanted the "FULL" version, so there was only this "usb flash drive" thing.

I tried the "DVD" button in WinReducer, while the ms windows 10 usb drive was connected, but it said there was no windows 10 dvd.

There is not any ESD files on the drive.

There are WIM files.

The filesystem is FAT32.  I think the thing is totally read-only, so I shouldnt be able to overwrite it.

I will try copying all the content into "ExtractedByWinReducer", and go from there, like you guys said.

it works

on Tue 8 Mar 2016 - 21:20
The whole process worked.

I had to remove the read-only attribute from the files/folders in "ExtractedByWinReducer", because I copied them from the read-only usb flash key, which copies the read-only attributes too.  Winreducer complained that the files/folders were read-only.

WinReducer recognized that the content was both x86 and x64, and had me choose one.

And it went smoothly from there.

I'll probably create an ISO that I can use the normal process with, as per winterstorm's suggestion.

Thanks guys.
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