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[ANSWERED] Remove all default Windows drivers and replace with DriverPack

on Sun 3 Jul 2016 - 20:38
Hi guys,

Recently I sysprepped my Win7 Ultimate x64 and next I want to slim down my image with Winreducer.
I want to strip it as much as possible but I'm struggling with the drivers to be removed.
I would like to remove all default Windows 7 drivers and replace them with the one from
Once the required drivers from the driverpack are installed I want to remove the unneeded ones.

Can anybody help me with the next questions:

  • can I remove all default Windows 7 drivers or do I absolutely need to keep some
  • what's the best way to add the DriverPack, by use of DISM or Winreducer
  • is there a script to remove the unneeded drivers after installing the required onesĀ 


Re: [ANSWERED] Remove all default Windows drivers and replace with DriverPack

on Sun 3 Jul 2016 - 21:45
hi, i would suggest to first remove the drivers and after that to intergate your drivers. if you do it the other way it could be that you remove your integrated drivers.

i would say you could try to remove ALL drivers with winreducer and add your one, than test it in a VM.

if the installation works you could try it on a real machine.

hopefully the driverpack includes all your driver.

just be carefull of the "Support" once which you can finde under Drivers, if you remove i.e. bluetooth you wont be able to install your BT drivers.

i remove myself all drivers exept 2 Supports with winreducer and never got any problems.


for question 1 :

winreducer doesnt remove ALL drivers, there are a lot more under

i remove myself a lot more manually, but that needs testing because some are needed for installation of windows

question 2: you can use winreducer, just check the unsiged driver checkbox

question 3: i dont know if there is a script out there, like i said i tested it manually and created an batch file which removes the one i dont need. (together with a lot more files and fodler)

Re: [ANSWERED] Remove all default Windows drivers and replace with DriverPack

on Mon 4 Jul 2016 - 0:06
Thanks for replying KrX, I knew I can count on you!

I'll give your suggestion a shot.
First I'll remove "All" Drivers with winreducer except 2 supports.
Than I got to figure out which files I can clean up in the System32\drivers and DriverStore\FileRepository folders.

Second I'll integrate the DriverPacks with DISM cause I don't think removing and adding drivers with Winreducer in one batch ain't working.

Greetz, Fritura
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