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EDITED WinReducer Stable and WRESB Test result ISOs bug list

on Mon 13 Feb 2017 - 3:36
Hello Winterstorm2050 and forum users.
Two weeks and tested more of 50 ISOs.
Here is a post with results removing some components not integrating updates.
ISO used Windows 10 Pro 64 10.0.14393.0 RS1 PT-BR.
Thanks for read my post.

Both Stable and WRESB current versions has the same result.
Two critical bugs are Features Internet Explorer 11 and Services Windows Defender. Previous versions not has both bugs.

If Protect Important Files is not selected will has issues if removing Internet Explorer 11 and Windows Defender.

- Internet Explorer 11 if not selecting Protect Important Files
Not start Immersive Control Panel.
Not start Control Panel User Account UAC configuration window.
Not start Control Panel Internet Options.


break MS Office 2016.
- Help HTML
break Revo Uninstaller.
- Natural Languages
break MS Office 2016.
- Spell Checking
break MS Office 2016.


-Game Gameport
break Xbox 360 driver installation. Previous versions not has issues.
-Network Wireless Virtua
break TP-Link wireless driver installation.


- English US .. previous versions .. not problem in current version.
When finishing the Windows installation a window message display
taskhostw.exe System Error
Exception Processing Message 0xc0000005 Parameters 0x77ffe5e4d1d28
If is closed again is opened.If restart the system that message is displayed again and not is possible close because is opened again.

- Edge Engine
break PS3 Proxy Server CF3B5. Is possible use another proxy.


- Internet Connection Sharing
break Windows Firewall.

- Remote Access Manager
break creation of 3G internet connection.

- Remote Desktop Services
break RAS Async Adapter need to create a 3G internet connection.
If asyncmac.sys is copied to Windows\system32\drivers the problem is fixed.

- Secondary Logon
break some utilities to has access to files using alternate credentials.

- Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol
break 3G internet connection.

- Superfetch
break Memory Compression.

- System Event Notification
break 3G internet connection.

- Telephony
break 3G internet connection.

- Volume Shadow Copy
break Chkdsk GUI and Registry Backup using Volume Shadow Copy mode. Is possible start chkdsk using command line.

- Windows Defender if not selecting Protect Important Files
Critical problem because break the system.
Not is possible start several types of executables and control panel exes has issues.
The message is displayed
file system error
Few programs will start.
Have post on internet that same issue fixed starting with admin account and changing sound theme. I not has tried it.

- Windows Firewall
break Internet Sharing and software proxy.

Others details not being issues with current version :

- WinReducer previous versions before of 08-2016 if removing Windows PowerShell break Nvidia Vulkan driver installation. WinReducer current version removing PowerShell and using current Nvidia drivers not break Vulkan driver installation. Nvidia setup not using Powershell or fixed by Winterstorm2050.
- When loading a preset in Presets Protect Important Files is allways enabled even if in preset is disabled.
- WinReducer current version removing Features Internet Information Services and Services WLAN Autoconfig not break the installation. Thanks Winterstorm2050.

Below need test.
In previous versions removing Disk Quota break firewall Zone Alarm. I not has Zone Alarm.
In a system with removed Multimedia CODECs has issues using Premiere CC.

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Re: EDITED WinReducer Stable and WRESB Test result ISOs bug list

on Mon 13 Feb 2017 - 11:01

thanks for so much testing thats a nice list.

it seems IE Engine is causing a lot of problems, i posted myself 2 bugs on that and probably it causes even more problems -.-

Re: EDITED WinReducer Stable and WRESB Test result ISOs bug list

on Mon 13 Feb 2017 - 17:42
I will test more a ISO integrating updates and removing IE Engine and post the result.
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