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winreducer Injecting Code Hack?

on Sat 12 Aug 2017 - 16:25
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I noticed Zemana antilogger detect winreducer is injecting code the system when applying settings?

What is happening here?

Is this safe?

Has winreducer been hacker or hacking our systems?

Re: winreducer Injecting Code Hack?

on Fri 25 Aug 2017 - 21:08
This is a legitimate concern, why has nobody replied to this poster ? Where are the developers ? If this software is malicious it should be exposed - It is not reassuring when someone complains of winreducer injecting malicious code and nobody replying, can somebody please address this concern.  I am concerned of using this software now after this post......

Re: winreducer Injecting Code Hack?

on Fri 25 Aug 2017 - 22:06
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im using winreducer since years  and never got any problems. i dont know your "antilogger" so i cant say more.

there were some users saying that windows defender complained some times and detected a virus but after they updated the defender cataloge it was ok.


it winreducer would contain such a thing your post would be deleted. but its still there, since we dont delete posts. and if something would be wrong with winreducer there wouldnt be so much user using it.

Re: winreducer Injecting Code Hack?

on Wed 18 Oct 2017 - 11:14
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This is fake positive warning dude.
All software from unknown source / unknown company having this fake positive alert.
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