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 [EX-100 - v1.9.10.0] [RS3 Build 16299.15]  Add Take Ownership Empty [EX-100 - v1.9.10.0] [RS3 Build 16299.15] Add Take Ownership

on Fri 29 Dec 2017 - 14:16
Element Category="Tweaks" Name="Context Menu - Add Take Ownership (with Pause)" Selected="true" Value="Prise Droits de Propriété" />

does not show the context Menu
In Fact the @= entry in the reg is not set

I found that the following setting works better

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
; Created by: Shawn Brink
; Created on: January 28th 2015
; Updated on: June 18th 2017
; Modified by: Jpm (no powershell, no force admin, no appliedTO exclusion (not working for non english version)
; Tutorial: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
@="Take Ownership"
@="cmd /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant *S-1-3-4:F /c /l & pause"
"IsolatedCommand"= "cmd /c takeown /f \"%1\" && icacls \"%1\" /grant *S-1-3-4:F /c /l & pause"
@="Take Ownership"
@="cmd /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d o && icacls \"%1\" /grant *S-1-3-4:F /c /l /q & pause"
"IsolatedCommand"="cmd /c takeown /f \"%1\" /r /d o && icacls \"%1\" /grant *S-1-3-4:F /c /l /q & pause"

Edited: Runas instead of TakeOwership to run Under Administrator priviledge
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