I wanted to be helpfull because i like Winreducer.

I work "in the shadows" individually for me, i have done this last years for my use, 
versions of Win7 Ultimate x64 lite with all the important things working and tested.
Versions of Win10 1803 and 1809 x64 lite for my use with Store and WinUpdate 
and other 2 versions too without Store & WinUpdate Totally removed but with working Net3.5-4.8

I have been learnin from 2015 not only Winreducer but other existing win iso modifying softwares

(That's for the sake of credibility of my post and a presentation of myself i think haha)

I Readed in a Winreducer Ex-110 Post, that Something's breaking Taskabar Language Bar
And that's right.

Im totally testin/making a Win11 22000.346/376 Retail Lite for my use and

Multimedia - Game Bar and Game Bar (DVR) Are the 2 things that broke Language Bar
100% Tested

One Little Thing i wanted to know. Can we get the 100% cleanup / removing of Windows Update Service in Winreducer Ex-110?
As i explained i have done Win7 x64 Ultimate, Win10 RS4 and RS5 with Windows Update service totally removed.
But now with Ex-110 this is happening: I turn off Protect Important Files and Choose to remove only 
-Windows Update Medic service and -Update Orchestrator Service and -Windows Update Service and 
The last one is never removed. (That is my little consulte)

For all the other things / bugs i have seen with Ex-110, i think something i removed in a wccf i did a month ago broke NightLight
-I supressed This Night Light thing by removing Night Light Feature because i really dont use it but.. the bug is there.

Thanks for your time and effort! Winreducer rules. Windows 11 Broken Language Bar Information 1f60e