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descriptionHow to create "Updates Catalog" myself? EmptyHow to create "Updates Catalog" myself?

Hello together,

since the Windows Updates Catalog only rarely gets updated, I would like to ask how I can create and Download all the available updates myself for my .iso-integration?
Of course I could re-install Windows, click on Update and look what updates are being installed and write them down. Then I would have to look up the right update in the Microsoft Update Catalog (there are often multiple different Updates exactly named the same, at least for some drivers...).

So, my question is: Is there an efficient way? Like a Powershell-Command "Look up all available Updates and (only) download them for me in the .msu format" so that i can put them in the INTEGRATE folder of Winreducer. A freeware software would be also fine.

I have tried some tests with PSWindowsUpdate but I am not happy with it, especially because it doesnt download the Updates in the .msu format. They download them for example in the .cab Format. But im not sure how to use this format for Update-Integration. But maybe I did sth. wrong...

Any help is appreciated!

descriptionHow to create "Updates Catalog" myself? EmptyRe: How to create "Updates Catalog" myself?

No one an idea?
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