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6 Problems in Winreducer 8.1

on Wed 26 Mar 2014 - 7:48
Hi guys,

I tryied to implement my own unatteneded windows 8.1 disk and i had some really 10 annoying problems:

1. Boot logon background- i attach my favrite image to be display at the boot logo, but it is not changing. It stays on the black ugly screen:

2. Installation Boot background- when the installation starts, the image display properly, but when it goes to the deep installation (create partition and start copy files) it change the image to be mirror image:

3. User logon Boot Screen- it didnt change to my favorite:

4. Computer name, Settings and other configurations that comes after the installation finish- it didnt change and i need to set them menually.

5. Watermark- Desktop background is change but i see the watermark (in the normal installation the watermark didnt display:

6. Upper Right white box- after i select to remove it, this thing dont want to go:

Please help me.


Re: 6 Problems in Winreducer 8.1

on Tue 23 Sep 2014 - 17:17
Hi Rami

Just checking if you still need help with these problems?
If you do, grab the latest version at
and reply back, otherwise we'll assume the problem has been solved and close this thread.

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