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Please respect these rules, this is a free forum (or website) where you can download free WinReducer Software. As you know, I'm doing this on my personal time and it takes me a lot of it. So I have everything else to do which is much more interesting than reminding you these 4 rules !  Wink

Thank you for your understanding and Have a nice day on WinReducer Forum ! Very Happy

Just one : Respect other people in this forum including Members, Moderators and Administrator or Microsoft ! Thank you ...

Just two : This is a simple forum to discuss and share experiences about WinReducer Software (and RT Seven Lite).

Just three : Asking, or proposing, for genuine or pirated ISO, download links, cracks, keygen, serial keys ... will expose you to be ban (or deleted account) without any warning !

Just four : Spam members will be automatically deleted !


descriptionForum Rules (v3) EmptyRe: Forum Rules (v3)

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