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Win Bootmanager problems after installing 2nd Windows

on Wed 4 Jan 2017 - 18:59
the following problem is solved, but it would very kind if someone could explain to me what happened.

I did the following:
1. Installed Win10 (reduced but doesn't matter i guess) on volume 0 (M.2 SSD). He wanted to create additional partitions for restoring, for system and another one.
2. Installed Win10 on volume 1 (HDD) with volume 0 connected to my computer. As far as I remember he now didn't ask to create additional partitions.
3. Disconnected volume 1

Then I wanted to boot from volume 0 as always, but he had a problem while booting with the file"C:\Windows\System32\winload.efi" (I don't know the exact error message anymore but the error came directly after selecting volume 0 for booting. Later I checked and the file was at least existing, but don't know if it was changed). Got the problem fixed more or less with the software EasyUEFI. I now just want to know what happend and why, so the Questions:

a: Why didn't he want to create additional partitions for volume 1 either?
b: Are the additional partitions essential for booting Windows if just this volume is connected?
c: Why did Windows touch my volume 0? I said he should install on volume 1.
d: How can I avoid the problem? Do I always have to disable/disconnect all other volumes when installing windows, or is there an easier way?

Many thanks and have a nice evening.

Re: Win Bootmanager problems after installing 2nd Windows

on Wed 4 Jan 2017 - 23:12

I experienced these troubles few years ago.

a: because Windows detects all other Windows HDD installation system, and I assume if one partition already have the boot flag so no need to create another boot partitions (for uefi/efi at least)
b: for uefi/efi boot : yes .... but for mbr boot : no (it needs 2 or 3 manipulations but this could be easily done)
c: because the 1st windows installation detected is considered as the "master" installation
d: if you need all HDD with a complete boot partition, it seems you have no other choices to do as you described.

Hope this help Smile

Re: Win Bootmanager problems after installing 2nd Windows

on Thu 5 Jan 2017 - 12:16
Thank you for your answer,

afterwards I can't exactly say what caused the troubles. Maybe I chose my USB device in non-UEFI mode (is shown 2 times in the boot device list). I think normally it should have worked in UEFI mode.

I found a good article about explaining UEFI, BIOS and the bootmanager which may help other newbies like me. Unfortunately it is written in german, but maybe it can still help one or two. Otherwise use google translator.
If links to other websites are unwanted, please tell me or delete it by yourself Wink
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