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CreativiTea's EX100 preset

on Tue 5 Jun 2018 - 13:41
hi guys. I'm making an extreme preset for my personal use.

I started from "Basic" preset by @KrX (thank you for your hard work Smile) and then went forward.
I've been able to install Windows, but then I'm unable to boot to the desktop (installation corrupted).
Here is my wccf. If anyone would like to check where I failed, it would be of great help Smile thanks to all of you.


Re: CreativiTea's EX100 preset

on Thu 14 Jun 2018 - 15:34
Hello CreativiTea Smile

Could you please mentioned with which Windows 10 (version and edition) you experienced this trouble.

Because with I tested an entire component removing (my personal "Extreme" preset), with Windows 10 RS4 PRO x64, and it worked as intended.

Have a great day !

Re: CreativiTea's EX100 preset

Yesterday at 13:59
hi there, I was using a pre-release build, now I understood the problem.
Now I'm using a RS4 ISO updated to April 2018. I first made an ISO with this preset, all ok. Finally been able to make something useable. Then I re-inserted the ISO in WinReducer and removed all features (except for NET Framework), tried and all ok. But still couldn't remove OneDrive and Store.
So I re-inserted again my ISO (with removed Features) in WinReducer and made this preset, I can install it and use it, but I have some issues (or, some doubts):

- I removed OneDrive from navigation pane (from Remover > Tweaks), but it still shows drive in the navigation pane.
- Windows Update doesn't automatically download driver. What did I break?
- I can search and find updates, but I can't install them (shows me error after having downloaded updates).
- Store doesn't work anymore, but it shows in Start. And I can't remove it. How could I?
- Again, Settings (ImmersiveControlPanel) shows inside Start, how can I remove it (I'd like to see Settings only on the sidebar of start, the "column" where I have links to Documents, Users, Explorer, etc... not in Start list.
- How do you manage to make Windows installation footprint under 5 GB? Only compression and WinSxS option in WinReducer?

Thanks to all who will want to investigate some of these, or who already has the solution.


(the words "preset" are cliccable)
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