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descriptionWindows 10 Insider Preview Build 20231  EmptyWindows 10 Insider Preview Build 20231


What’s new in Build 20231

Improving relevancy of initial device setup

Based on feedback, we’re exploring adding a page to Windows setup (OOBE) to help better understand how you plan to use your device and aid in customizing your device given your intended usage.

Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 20231  Intent

This is the initial wave of work for this feature, and Insiders may notice different options presented in OOBE depending on what they select, however at this time Insiders will not notice any other configuration differences after exiting OOBE. We look forward to sharing future improvements in this space.

Better Management Options for App Default File Associations

Enterprise customers can now modify file associations on a per-user or per-device basis. This change will apply to existing users as well as users with new deployments. This means that IT admins can set which apps will automatically open various file types or links. For example, this makes it easy to set Microsoft Edge as your organization’s default browser, or always open PDFs in your organization’s preferred app. Leveraging this group policy for the default browser and common file types means that your organization’s end users will not have to decide on these defaults themselves.

Deployment/Testing Steps:

  1. Generate Default Application Associations XML file by following this page.
  2. Manually modify the XML by adding 2 new properties:
  3. Add Version=”1“ to the DefaultAssociations tag.
  4. Add Suggested=”True” to any Association tag.
  5. Enable the group policy to set the default file associations by following this doc.
  6. Reboot or log in as the user.

Please note: If your device does not have this feature enabled, the policy will fall back to the default logic and will not respect the “Version” and “Suggested” fields of the policy.
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