Hi everyone,

Today I have some question and also some feedback to WinReducer, first of all WinReducer is a really powerful software to customize a Windows image and I really appreciate everyone who is envolved in the project.

About the bug in the title, I'm trying to build some windows image that is removing the minimal things and also keep things working as well. Before anyone says "Removing components could break things" I know and also I tested each component and carefully selected them. The bug is happening when I go to Microsoft Store, choose an app for example Mail and Calendar and click on the Share button and also I restart the Virtual Machine and try to open the MS store and something break it and couldn't open it to re-test to see if the share button works. About the Mail and Calendar, some components is required to automatically prompt the window to add an account in the app, when I test this preset I had to manually do this, so just some info that might be useful.

Another feedback is when saving a preset, WinReducer is not saving correctly the preset is unchecking a few things. The components I could say that is happening this is Work Folders Feature, OneDrive and some services

Here's a link for the preset used
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